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ASSESSMENT 2007-2008

Assessment of the year 2007-2008 VITRAIL IN UZEGE Our achievements 2006-2007 and our projects 2007-2008 For the 7th year improvement and introductory courses with techniques of the stained glass included in the workshop located at Capelle and Masmolène In atmosphere always such a convivial, association proposes: formation, creation and leisures. With the wire of time, association diversified its activities: 1 - Training of the techniques of placement of glass: Stained glass with lead, Tiffany, Fusing, Painting. the pupils carry out original and personal works which will find their place in their interior (mirror, lamp, stained glass for window, carry, etc...) This allowing us to take part in exposures. 2 - Safeguarding, rehabilitation and valorization of the "inheritance stained glass" We started the project "Creation of the stained glasses of the Hermitage of Mayran "with the participation in the contest organized by the Popular Bank. Our year was completed with the advertisement of obtaining the 3rd price, and we started again this 7th year with the "pot" of handing-over of it price. With us thus now the realization. A precision: the members who will want to take part do not have to pay them hours of course passed to this work. 3 - The stained glass, a therapeutic tool In partnership with Zéphir association, of the patients of the Farmhouse Careyron were initiated with the fusing and carried out interesting works. They currently complete a work intended for the hall of the nou- velle construction in progress with the Farmhouse Careyron. A new project of conservation of the inheritance for a building of the Uzège area will be implemented and realized by these patients. 4 - Association launched the last year a baptized campaign "Enluminons Uzège" (and its surroundings) We will continue to activate us so that this "initiative" is accepted in our town halls and churches for the pleasure of each one and for to see our inheritance emphasized!

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